Self portrait. June 2014.

Self portrait. June 2014.


Empowered creative.

People have a natural desire to be seen, heard and known. As a creative, this is one of my greatest strengths. The unbridled emotion of connecting with the things that make us human is a driving force in all of my creative work. My clients choose me because I invite their voices into the creative process and help them tell their story in a way that is timeless, attractive and authentic. My knack for empathy makes my clients feel valued as people and feel like their work matters, because it does. Whether the story is being told through a designed piece or photographs, those who work with me walk away feeling confident that their story will be known, and their voice will be heard.

I wouldn't be able to deliver exemplary work to my clients without time to recharge. In my free time, I enjoy traveling around the world, climbing (rock, ice, mountains), backpacking, watching Kentucky basketball, reading and watching Doctor Who. Satisfying my personal need for adventure reunites me with the rawest form of the human experience and translates to the high-quality work for which people seek me out.

You know what you're made of. It's time to show the world. Let's talk.