Drop Cap Sunday: A Double Dose of K

The first one matched the style of the J too much, so I challenged myself to do second. I'm finding that I really enjoy illustrating letters. It's something that I want to learn more about and get better at.

The first letter was a challenge because the lighting was very dim, and the lack of contrast made it difficult to see. I may redo this one and do more with the letter form. There is nothing distinct about it and it could amount to so much more. I'll probably use a softer pencil than an HB and use both an electric eraser and a rubber eraser in combination to add character and interest to it.

The second one is similar in style to previous letters I've done, but I really like this one. I think the loop on the bottom could stand to be smaller and less pronounced by using thinner strokes with a little more contrast in a way that puts the focus on the remainder of the letter.

The longer I work on this, I find myself imagining how I will render them digitally. So far, this has been a really exciting adventure, and I know there's more of it to come!