Long Overdue Updates.

I got a full time job, which doesn't leave much time for creating or blogging. Here's a quick update with what I'm up to:

30 Day Photo Project
That dropped off when I got my job, however, I hope to get that back and finish it. I work evenings and the few hours I have in the morning are often spent tending to household matters. I fully intend on finishing this project, as it was a TON of fun, and I'd hate to just let it die.

Pacific Northwest, and Door County, WI
In June, I went to Door County, WI for a weekend and visited the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. I did some shooting and got to camp near the shore of Lake Michigan at Peninsula State park. Then in October, my cousin got married on Whidbey Island just outside of Seattle. I got to take a ferry for the first time, and that was an exciting experience. We drove down the 101, and I got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was unbelievable, and humbling. I could have stayed there all day just to listen to the sound of breaking surf. I also ate a lot of Pixie Stix. Turns out when you eat twelve of them, you get headaches. The more you know, right? I will be working on those photos and posting them in my Landscape Photography section. In the meantime, enjoy these teasers:

Puget Sound from Whidbey Island, WA. Mornings would be much easier if I was waking up to this every day.

Design Camp
Also, in October, I went to Design Camp in Minnesota. I got to meet a lot of really cool people, and see some old friends that I haven't seen in a few months. I learned a lot about myself as a creative, and met Mark Simonson, the creator of the typeface you're reading (Proxima Nova). The only time I've felt so at home with that many other people is at Rocktoberfest, or when I'm out climbing. The people at Design Camp were my kind of people. I intend on writing a blog about my experiences.

Drop Cap Sundays:
I've started a weekly project that I do in church every week, similar to Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap. I illustrate drop caps during the sermon. Luckily, my church is pretty chill and values creative work, so nobody cares that I sit there and draw. After the service I take a snapshot of them and post them to my Instagram feed. You can find letters A–I there, and keep up with my ABC's by following me on Twitter, as I also link to my Instagram feed on there when I post. My plan after this is to take my drawings into Illustrator, and bring them to digital life. Eventually they will be up on here. In the mean, time here's a look at a few of the letters I've done:

The letter B, inspired by the unique landforms at Vedauwoo, WY

E, where I incorporate my love of stripes.

 G, influenced by round typefaces with wide set-widths.

G, influenced by round typefaces with wide set-widths.

Updating The Ol' Portfolio
I'm working on a redesign of my church's website, and working on an app design to accompany a podcast. In addition, I'm also working on a poster design for the Iowa Climber's Coalition.