It's Drop Cap Friday!

This week has been a wonderful kind of mad. I started it off on Sunday perfecting my portfolio for a Wednesday morning interview. It was more like a Smunday, because I didn't go to sleep till 4:30 on Monday morning. When Monday restarted around 8:30am, I got my resumes to press, and they came back looking dapper. Tuesday, I took a breather, because Smunday and Monday, while enjoyable and exciting, they were pretty intense. Wednesday started off with one of the best, most enjoyable interviews I've ever had, if not the best. I can't say I've ever walked away from an interview so excited for a job opportunity. For the remainder of Wednesday up till the present, I've been working on some new stuff for Harvest Vineyard Church. So without further ado, the letter P: inspired by the paragraph symbol.

It addition to doing work for Harvest Vineyard, I've started a passion project. I didn't know that was a thing until I went to Design Camp and heard Ty Mattson speak. He talked about the importance of doing projects just because you love it. It's one of those things that keeps the creative fire burning. At first, I thought I should be focusing my efforts on things like growing as a designer and doing everything I can to get better at what I do, not doing stuff for fun. Then I realized that loving what I do and being excited about it matters, and I decided to embrace it. I have something that I started last night that I am working on, and will eventually be up on here.