Get Excited, People.


Let's start of with some big, huge news: I now have a Twitter account associated with this website. I know, I know, it's groundbreaking. Try to contain your excitement. In addition to the @emmaleecreative Twitter feed, I'm also posting the first blog has ever seen.
It's a day of firsts.

This is where I'll be talking about life as a creator, sharing the experiences I have creating work, and maybe having some fun explorations of issues facing creatives today, like unplugged weddings, and balancing work habits with technology. Regardless of the content, my aim is always to be genuine, and give my voice and character to what I write and topics I write about. In my opinion, a blog that has personality is more fun to read because of the way it connects the reader to the writer. That's the whole point of this website: to connect.

Check back soon to see where my mind wanders to next!