30-Day Photo Challenge: Ready, Set, Bokeh!

The adventure day 9 sent me on was bokeh. My first thought was, thats great, but what about it? As I previously mentioned, I dont want to just tick stuff off my list, and that is making this a challenge. I wanted an interesting subject, where bokeh could be incorporated, instead of simply just being the subject. I didnt want to just shoot bokeh, for the sake of it.

The plan was to shoot something in downtown Ames or Des Moines last night but it was pouring rain, and I dont have a rain sleeve for any of my gear. So, as boring and cliché as it was, I fell back on the old rain on the windowpane shot. On the upside, Id never shot this before, and I realized that there might be plausible uses for an image with bokeh as the subject.

I will be doing this same 30-day challenge for each month for the rest of the year. I look forward to October, as I will be driving to Seattle. On the way to Seattle, I will be seeing Needles Highway (providing its open), Badlands, Custer State Park, and hitting up as many scenic overlooks as possible. In Washington, I plant on visiting Pike Place Market, and making a trip to the Pacific Coast. I have great expectations for that trip!